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SSI organizes “To Be Engineer project” #12 Guide Bangsaphan youths the road to becoming a professional engineer

Sahaviriya Steel Industrial PCL or SSI recently arranged “To Be Engineer#12” project by inviting 100 students in M.5 level from schools in Bangsaphan participate in interesting activities e.g. knowing and understanding steelRead More…

เอสเอสไอ เปิดประสบการณ์นอกห้องเรียน เสริมทัพความรู้อุตสาหกรรมเหล็กไทย


“To Be Engineer Project” # 8


SSI “To Be Engineer # 5” Project

Sahaviriya Steel Industrial PCL or SSI will arrange “To Be Engineer # 5” project during 22-29 June 2009 by inviting approximately 1,000 students in M.3 level from 15 secondary schools in BangsaphanRead More…