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Bangsaphan Car Free Day ปี 6 ลดใช้น้ำมัน เธอกับฉันแข็งแรง


Sahaviriya Group organizes 6th year of Bangsaphan Car Free Day Reducing fuel consumption- Boosting life health and fitness

Sahaviriya Group arranged Bangsaphan Car Free Day 2016, an event under “Two Wheels Preserve Bangsaphan Project.” This 6th consecutive year event was held to decrease energy usage, reduce global warming and supportRead More…


Sahaviriya Group arranges “Ride for Smiles” # 1/2015

Sahaviriya Group together with community leaders and people in Bangsaphan arranged the “Ride for Smile” # 1/2015, a cycling activity under Two Wheels Preserve Bangsaphan Project, with aims to reduce energy usage,Read More…


Sahaviriya Group and Bangsaphan District together held the 1st “Bangsaphan Car Free Day” and launched “2 Wheels preserve Bangsaphan” campaign to encourage low-carbon and healthy life

Sahaviriya Group jointly with Bangsaphan District, and local adminstrations led Bangsaphan people and Sahaviriya staff participating in the first “Bangsaphan Car Free Day 2011″on Sunday, September 18,2011 in response to Global WarmingRead More…