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SSI Group Arranged “Fulfill the Dream and Share Knowledge” Project To Enhance Capability of Bangsaphan Youth for Admission to the University

Sahaviriya Group cooperated with Bangsaphan Wittaya School on arrangement of “Fulfill the Dream and Share Knowledge” project to prepare readiness of Bangsaphan local youth for admission to university by strengthening their academicRead More…


SSI organizes “To Be Engineer project” #12 Guide Bangsaphan youths the road to becoming a professional engineer

Sahaviriya Steel Industrial PCL or SSI recently arranged “To Be Engineer#12” project by inviting 100 students in M.5 level from schools in Bangsaphan participate in interesting activities e.g. knowing and understanding steelRead More…

อนาคตเหล็กไทย สร้างด้วยเด็กไทยครั้งที่ 11 ส่งเสริมเยาวชนบางสะพานสู่เส้นทางวิศวกร


SSI arranges To Be Engineer project#11, enhancing youths in Bangsaphan to become engineers

Mr. Manin Inprom, Vice President of Manufacturing of Sahaviriya Steel Industries Plc. (SSI), presided over the opening ceremony of “To Be Engineer project#11.” The objectives of the project are to provide an opportunity for theRead More…

เอสเอสไอ เปิดประสบการณ์นอกห้องเรียน เสริมทัพความรู้อุตสาหกรรมเหล็กไทย